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Dairy Development in Lakhimpur :

The basic objective of Dairy Development is to provide forward and backward linkages to the dairy farmers so that economic upliftment of the dairy farmers is achieved particularly for the poor and the needy ones. Keeping this point in view, the District Administration in Lakhimpur district has provided 40 nos. of cross breed cows under RSVY(05-06) to 4 nos. of SHGs comprising a total of 40 members so that the economic condition of the dairy farmers is improved and milk production in the district is increased. At present, around 800 litres of milk is being collected from these members for the milk plant under this deptt. Dairy Development office at Charaimoria

Activities & Achievements:

The Dairy Development in collaboration with Lakhimpur district administration has formed a Dairy Federation comprising selected dairy farmers of the district who have been given bank linkages to induct cross breed cows to increase milk production. These dairy farmers are united under one umbrella so that they get a single platform to market their milk. Therefore, in order to facilitate this, the district administration has provided a grant in aid of Rs. 24.19 lakhs under RSVY(2004-05) to install a milk processing plant in which the milk from these members are being collected, processed and finally marketed. The milk plant was already commissioned in Nov,2009 in the dairy campus at Charaimoria and the production was started from 1st Nov/2010. At present the milk is being pasteurized, packed in pouches(500 ml) and finally sold in the market under the brand name “LAKHIMI”. The procurement price of the raw milk from these farmers is Rs. 35/- per liter and the selling price of the pasteurized milk in pouches is Rs. 40/- per litre. There is also provision for manufacturing some milk products namely cream, ghee, and dahi. Out of the total pasteurized milk currently sold in the market, 300 liters is sold to ITBP. Kimin and the rest amount is sold in the 8 nos. of sale points located in the North Lakhimpur township.

An exposure visit for the Dairy Fed members of Lakhimpur district was also organized by the District Administration from 23rd Aug’2010 to 24th August’2010 to the Sitajakhala Dugdha Utpadak Samabai Samity, Jagiroad. Altogether 42 Dairy Fed members participated in this one day exposure tour which was a part of RSVY programme. The feed back from the members revealed that they really had a fruitful experience which they are trying to replicate in their own dairy farm.

For facilitating the increase in milk production in the district, potential areas are identified on a cluster basis. Two nos. of such types of cluster basis dairy areas were already set up at Pathalipahar and Bhogpur and three more of such types of dairy areas are being identified at Boginadi, Laluk & Letekupukhuri.
Under the RKVY scheme during 2009-10, 40 nos. of dairy fed members who have been supplying milk to the milk plant under this deptt. regularly were provided with 2 nos, of crossbreed cows each (Bank linkage with 50% subsidy). Further, during 2011-12 under RKVY, there was also a provision for providing 95 nos. of bicycles fitted with 2 nos. of milk cans( 20 liter each) to these farmers. So, 95 nos. bicycles and 190 nos. of milk cans were already distributed to dairy fed members of the Lakhimpur district .
Finally in a nutshell, it may be mentioned that the achievements made by the cluster basis dairy village at Pathalipahar belonging to the Swarnadhenu SHG is really appreciable as from a mere collection of 20 litres of milk per day in 2010, has increased their collection to more than 800 litres of milk per day as on today. Almost all the members of this cluster has now started rearing cross breed cows as they have been provided bank linkage under Venture Capital Fund (NABARD sponsored). To facilitate milk collection in both morning and evening, a Bulk Milk Cooler(BMC) was installed at Pathalipahar by the Dairy Deptt. under Annual Plan 2011-12. Moreover the Govinda Dugdha Utpadak SHG at Jaipur(Bhogpur) has also reached a production level of more than 80 liters of milk per day within 6 months from the date of its formation.
The implemented schemes found to induce more people nearby to take up dairy farming knowing the benefits of the SHG members getting out of it. This is evident from the fact that more people are coming here to get such scheme in their locality. Moreover, individual people are also seeking finance under Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (NABARD sponsored) for dairy farming in the district.


Photo Credit: Dairy Development Department, Lakhimpur District