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Subject Taught

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Year of   Establishment      :          1976
Affiliation                            :          Dibrugarh University, Assam, India
Recognition                         :          National Council for Teacher Education, Bhubaneswar.
Objects                                :
  • To provide effective teacher education to  both pre service and in-service through workshop seminar symposium , discussion, interaction and other programmes held from time to time as new professional needs arise. 

  • To enable the teachers to enrich professional  competences and strengthen  their commitment . 

  • To prepare the teacher to meet the new challenge i.e. to put more stress on teaching through new innovation in Educational Technology.

  • To facilitate   for publication of different kinds of materials relating to school education .

  • To enhance the professional performance of in-service teacher in the class room ,in the school and in the community.

  • To contribute towards national development through educational reconstruction for increasing productivity , achieving social and national integration accelerating the process of modernisation , cultivating social, moral and spiritual values and making education more powerful instrument for social , economic , cultural change in the country.

Subject Taught                     :
  • Education in Emerging  India                                     [top]

  • Educational Psychology

  • Secondary Education and the Teacher.

  • Educational Statistics

  • School organization and Management

  • Teaching of Modern Indian Language , Assamese

  • Teaching of English

  • Teaching of General Science

  • Teaching of History

  • Teaching of Social Studies

  • Teaching of Mathematics

  • Teaching of   Computer Education(Proposed)

  • Teaching of Geography (Proposed)

Activities                              :
  • Meet the Academicians” Programme                                 [top]

  • Representation and discussion of papers on various topics related to education

  • Seminars

  • Work experience

  • Workshop on Art, Music and work experience

  • Exhibition displayed by the students teachers with various items made by themselves

  • Wall Magazine

  • Celebration of important  days

  • Community work

  • Socio-Economic Survey in different areas of the district

  • Flower show

  • Co-curricular Group and Individual activities
Address of the College        :

    Lakhimpur Post Graduate Training College, Lakhimpur            [top]
      P.O. : North Lakhimpur, District –Lakhimpur, Assam,