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Lakhimpur district chapter 


Prevention of Cruelty  Act 1960

. Cruelty of Animals generally
2. Experiments on Animals
3. Performing animals
4. Miscellaneous
5. Draught and pack animals
6. Licensing Rules 1965
7. Performing animals 1973

8. Transport of Animals Rules 1978

      a. Dogs and cat
      b. Monkeys
      c. Cattle
      d. Equines
      e. Sheep and dogs
      f. Application of fines Rules 1978
     g. Registration of cattle premises Rules 1978
     h. Capture of animals Rules 1972.
9. Performing Animals( Registration) Rules ,2001.
10. PCA (Transport of Animals on foot) Rules ,2001
11.Transport of Animals (Amendment) Rules ,2001.
     a. Poultry
     b. Pigs
     c. Miscellaneous
12. PCA (Slaughter House)Rules,2001.
13. Experiments on animals( Control and supervision) (Amendment) Rules 1998.
14. Breeding and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules,1998.
15. Breeding of an experiments on Animals (Control &Supervision) Amendments Rules,2001.

The Wildlife (Protection) Act.1972

a. Preliminary
b. Authorities to be appointed or constituted under the Act.
c. Hunting of wild animals.
d. Protection of specified plants.
e. Sanctuaries ,National Parks and Closed areas.
f. Central Zoo Authority and Recognition of Zoos.
g.Trade of Commerce in wild animals, animal Articles and Trophies.
h. Prohibition of commerce in trophies,animal articles,etc,derived from certain animals.
i.Prevention and detection of offence

j. Miscellaneous
k. Schedule I,II,III,IV , V & VI animals.
l.The Recognition of Zoo Rules.
m. Guidelines
for appointment of honaray wildlife wardens.
n.Elephant preservation Act'1879

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A society who speaks for  animals as  they   can' speak themselves

Activities  in 2001
star.gif (307 bytes)Stoppage   of selling of illegal deer flesh in the assam arunachal border
star.gif (307 bytes)Stoppage of misuse of animals in circus and snakes by snake-charmer
star.gif (307 bytes)Educated resourceful person with animal laws of India
star.gif (307 bytes)Awareness program at festival of flowers'2001 on the unabated animal crimes in the region.

On going projects
star.gif (307 bytes)Organic rice and organic tea as food for future
star.gif (307 bytes)orchids growing as rural economy
FAQ ( frequently Asked question)
Animal right Vs animal welfare
Lacunae in the wild life protection Act.
Rescue of snake
Animal Birth Program
Negative aspects of leather and Milk.
When euthanasia is allowed and when not?
What is the difference between a wildlife sanctuary and national park?
Alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizer.
Cognizable offence Vs non-cognizable offences
The objects of animal welfare groups.
How to care mange , bloat, ticks, fleas, maggots, mastitis
What to do in case of cruelty in films, TV program or at advertisement?

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Smti Maneka Gandhi

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Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

Legal action for wildlife & environment Law
Wildlife Protection Society of India
Wildlife trust of India

Beauty without cruelty
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