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  Government offices of  Lakhimpur District



Agriculture being the principal occupation of the inhabitants of the district, the department of agriculture has a vital role to play. There is one Agricultural University at Garumaria Village  where agricultural scientists are doing research for agricultural development of the district.  The District Agriculture Department is comprising of 4 Sub Division namely North Lakhimpur , Dhakuakhana, Narayanpur and Laluk Agril. Sub Division.

Some of the major achievements of Agriculture department of Lakhimpur district    during the last four years is given below :

1. Total paddy area achieved during 1999-2000 is 1,10,502 Hectares against total paddy area of 1,02,690 hectares in the year 1998-99. There is 7% increase in area in comparison  to the last year. The total crop area during 1997-98 , 1996-97 were 1,07,384 Hect. and 1,07,765 Hect. respectively.
2.      Total summer paddy area is 12812 Hect. in the year 99-2000 against 10,490 Hect. in 98-99. Due to motivation programme and creation of irrigation potentiality by installation of STWs, LLPs etc. bring more areas under summer paddy.
3.      1079 nos. of  Pathar Parichalana Sammittee has been registered upto March, 2000. Conduction of different crops demonstration and installation of STWs are done in community basis through those PPS.
4.      A farmers hostel was constructed in Field Trial Station, Sukulibharia  to facilitate the training and accommodation to the trainees, resource persons coming from different places.5.      Total 1151 nos. of  STWs have been installed under ARIASP and Somidhya Krishak Yojana (SKY) in the 97-98, 98-99, 99-2000 which provide irrigation facilities to an additional area of 2302 Hect.
6.      A new Agriculture Sub Division Laluk has been set up in June 1999 to bring administrative closer to the farming community.7.       Block Agricultural Offices were established in each 9 Development blocks of Lakhimpur District so that farmers can get technical guidance, inputs etc. easily locally.
8.      Although occurrence of flood is a regular feature of the district, there is an increasing trends of in production and productivity of rice which is a stable food. It is due to improved package of practising  irrigation,  IPM. Increased use of fertilisers etc., Agriculture Deptt. Of the district introduced the cultivation of Hybrid Rice in the district taking 10 nos. of demonstrations each of 20 Hect. had been  taken in farmers field in different location of the district. Besides, Hybrid rice, different HYV paddy varieties like Bahadur, Ranjit, Luit etc. are introduced and popularised among the farmers by conducting demonstrations in farmers field.
9.      3 nos. of National water shed development project (NWDP) viz. Pabha, Balijan, Meneha were implemented during VII Plan period. Proposal has been submitted for 9 such NWDPRA projects for IX plan period.




            There is an Urban Development and Town Planning Department headed by Deputy Director, Town and Country Planning who is responsible  for preparing master plan for development of urban town of Lakhimpur District. He also implements NRY scheme and other developmental programmes. 


There is a Dist. Social Welfare Officer who is also the probation officer. This department is responsible for maintenance of balwadies , anganwadies , paymen of old age pension (both Central & State), care and security of children, scholarship to blind and other physically handicapped students and Balika Samridhy Yojana. During 1996-97 under old age pension (Centrally sponsored) a total amount of Rs. 6,05,000.00 was received through which   a physical and financial achievement of 10% and 100% was made. In 1997-98 , total amount of Rs. 23,00,000.00  was received against the said scheme and 100% achievement was made by distributing the amount. In 1998-99 , a total amount of Rs. 15,15,000.00 was received wherein also 100% physical and financial achievement was obtained. In 1999-2000 an amount of 19,48,000.00 was received and accordingly 100% physical and financial achievement was made. In the State sponsored Old Age Pension scheme no fund were received for the year 1996-97 to 2000-2001, but the amount for the year 95-96  has only been received during the year 1999-2000.

For the scheme care and security of children (non Govt.), no financial grants in aids were received during 1996-97. During 1997-98 an amount of Rs.      1,77,370.00 was received and total of 80% physical and financial achievement was made. In 1998-99 an amount of Rs. 200033.00 was received for which 80% physical and financial achievement was obtained. In 1999-2000 no fund have been received against this scheme, but a physical and financial achievement of 20%.

            Under the scheme grants in aids for the blind students of Blind School and physically handicapped students of other schools no fund was received in 1996-97. In 1997-98 an amount of Rs. 52,200/- was received and 40% physical and financial target was achieved. In 1998-99 an amount of Rs. 1,64,000/- was received through which  90% physical and financial target was achieved. In 1999-2000 an amount of Rs. 1,05,000/- has been received for Bihpuria Assam Andha Sishu Bidyalaya and same has been disbursed. 

Under Balika Samridhi Yojana which was started from the year 98-99 full physical and financial achievement of 100% was achieved till 1999-2000. An amount of Rs. 9,83,500/- was spent for the scheme.


There is a Labour Department headed by the Labour Officer who is responsible for enforcement of various Labour laws. During the last four years  the following progress was made by this department.
A) No. of cases filed under
1.      Assam Shops & Establishment Act ----- 63 nos.
2.      Minimum Wages Act ----------- Nil
3.      Payment of Wages Act. ------ 22 nos.
4.      Plantation Labour Act. ---------- Nil
5.      Payment of Bonus Act   --------- Nil
6.      Gratuity Act. ------------------ Nil
A)    Implementation of Child Labour Act.
1. No. of non-hazardous establishments surveyed 549 nos.
2. No. of child Labour detected  in employment in     the non-hazardous establishments 13 3 nos.
3. No. of hazardous establishment found exist Nil
4. No. of child Labour detected in the hazardous establishments              Nil


There is a District Transport Officer who is responsible for registration of vehicles, giving permits to vehicles through RTA and enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act. During last four years there was a financial target of this department as followed

Year Financial target
Rs in Lakh
Physical target
Rs in Lakh
96-97 70 54.2 77.4
97-98 80 60.5 75.6
98-99 60 57.1 95.1
99-00 67 74.5 111.2



The Department is mainly responsible supplying drinking water facilities into the village level. Under the village water supply scheme the department in the year 96-97 benefited 21,150 nos. of population comprising 67 villages. In 97-98 14,786 nos. of population in 52 villages were covered under the scheme. During the year 98-99 and 99-2000 the scheme had covered a population of 17,441 nos. and 29,400 nos. respectively covering a total of 144 nos. of villages. The schemes involved an amount of Rs.367.18 lakh in the entire schemes. During 96-97, 97-98 the department provided 135 nos. of Tara Pump in as many as schools for supply of pure drinking water. Under a special scheme 215 nos. of low cost latrines were provided to the families under below poverty line.


 This department under the ARIASP executes mainly the following schemes , e.g. fish rearing tank, piggery with  fishery, development of community fishery tank, fishery with farming etc. During 96-97, 18 nos. of beneficiaries were benefited which covered 9.25 Hect. of land area  with financial involvement of Rs. 6.884 lakh showing 100% achievement.

During 97-98,   7 nos. of beneficiaries were benefited through that schemes involving an expenditure of Rs. 1.37 lakh and an area coverage of  1.78 Hect. water area. During 98-99,  28 nos. of beneficiaries were benefited which involved an amount Rs. 7.08 lakh  and an area coverage of 8.32 Hect. During 99-2000 , the department has benefited 59 nos. of beneficiaries were benefited involving an expenditure  of Rs.15.10  lakh which covered an area of 16.50 Hect.

Under the FFDA , Lakhimpur 486 nos. of youths were imparted  with fishery training during 96-97. Out of them 61 nos. of proposals were sponsored for bank finance. The bank in turn had provide loan to 9 nos. of beneficiaries which involved an amount of Rs. 86,871 and covered an area of 1.51 Hect. During 97-98, the department has provided loan to 137 beneficiaries nos. of beneficiaries and financed an amount of Rs. 2,37,680.00 for coverage of a water area of 21.45 hect without bank finance.   

PWD (Roads)

 There is a PWD(Roads) Division in this district which looks after the roads under state PWD.  
               ---                     --                      --

Employment Department

The Employment Department is headed by the Dist. Employment Officer who is required to register the names of unemployed and to forward their names to different departments etc. for appointment. Besides, he is also required to give the unemployment bonus to the unemployed. The progress of the department for the last four years is as follows:

Year No. of registrant No. of persons employed
96-97 4690 137
97-98 18978 229
98-99 4762 132
99-00 4516 243


 The Office of the Superintendent of Police  is headed by the Superintendent of Police who is the Controlling Officer of the police department. He is responsible for maintenance of law and order in collaboration with the District Administration. There are  all total two three police stations within this district namely

1.     North Lakhimpur P.S.

                     1)      Khelmati T.O.P.
                     2)      Lilabari O.P.
                     3)      Boginadi O.P.
                     4)     Chouldhowa O.P.
                     5)      Pagination O.P.
                     6)      Nowboicha O.P.
                     7)      Silanibari O.P.
                    8)      Doolahat O.P.
                     9)      Joyhing O.P.

2.      Dhakuakhana P.S.

                    1)      Ghilamara O.P.
                    2)      Sonari Chapari P.P.

3.      Bihpuria P.S.

                   1)      Laluk O.P.
                   2)      Bongalmara O.P.
                   3)      Harmutty O.P.
                   4)      Banderdewa O.P.
                   5)      Narayanpur O.P.
                   6)      Dhalpur O.P.
                   7)      Simaluguri O.P.



There is a Joint Director of Health Service at Lakhimpur. He is responsible for health services of the district. There is one Civil Hospital at Chabati.

The following amounts were spent by the Jt. Director during the last four years for different developmental activities:



                       Additional Chief Medical and health Officer looks after the affairs of this department. The progress of the different programmes taken during last four years as follows;


The Sales Tax Department is headed by the Superintendent of Sales Tax and he has several other Inspectors. This department is responsible for collection of sales taxes for different items sold within the district. For the last four years their achievements were as follows:


The General Manager, is the head of this district Industries Department.
They have following schemes
1) Provisional registration,
2) Permanent Registration ,
3) Grants in aids ,
5) New Industrial Policy,
6) Seed Money Loan,
7) Loan to SSI ,
8) Loan to Handicrafts,
9) Exhibition,
10) Promotional Scheme,
11) PMRY scheme.



There is one  ASEB Division at Lakhimpur. They are responsible for providing power both in Dhakuakhana and Lakhimpur Sub division as well as for implementation of Rural Electrification Programme. During the last four years the ASEB Department performed the following works:

There is a T & T Division in ASEB, Lakhimpur and this division is functioning only evacuation of power from Gohpur Grid Sub Station and maintenance of Nalkata Grid Sub Station and connected EHV, transmission lines. No any new project has been sanctioned till now under this division for the last four years


            There is a circle of E & D Department headed by Superintending Engineer. The department looks after the embankments on the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries. During the last four years the department performed the following works :



There is an Irrigation Circle headed by Superintending Engineer with his division headed by Executive Engineer.



            The   District Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Officer is the  head of this district   department.




                        This department is headed by Asstt. Director of Handloom and Textiles.

Objects                 : Main objects of this department. is to developed the socio economic life of the handloom weavers in the district. by way of   supplying the various materials like looms, yarn etc. to the weaver through our district establishment from which the weaver can busy and also they can able to earned their daily income, by way of producing their various types of cloths. The department organising coop. Societies in the district so far the weavers population  is concern to developed the handloom production and to develop of the forming the coop. societies mainly to develop the economic condition of the weavers. In organisation sector there are 20 thousand of weavers working in the weavers coop. societies .
Activities             : Generally the weavers in village area are not having their technical knowledge. Hence the weavers are facing problems in     marketing of their product. So, by the demonstrators of this department are demonstrating the weavers to develop their production and quality and design. Moreover,  4nos    H.T.C. in the district is servicing the training courses to 65 no trainees in every years and 1 no. H.T.I. in the Lakhimpur District and 20 no Trainees are   completing one year higher training courses in every year. Most of the waevers are women. But The weavers are generally sitting idle due to lack of their  economy. So W.E.S.U. of our department is supplying yarn to those weavers by which they can get the engazement   and also to earn money by way of wages against their productions.
Contacting Address: Assistant Director , Handloom and Textile, Lakhimpur, Assam, India


                        Integrated Tribal Dev. Project mainly deals with the family oriented income generating schemes for welfare of the Scheduled Tribes  living below the poverty line. The schemes include providing of income generating machines , tolls etc. like Thela, Sewing Machine, Handloom, yarn, pump sets, spraying machine Knitting machine, rearing of muga , eri , power tillers etc.  This department has shown tremendous progress in its earmarked objectives. During 96-97 170 nos. of Thelas, 120 of sewing machines, 180 pairs of handlooms and as many yarns , 8 nos. of  pumps and medicine spraying machines, 6 nos. of leaf plats sewing machines were distributed achieving 100% of targets. During 97-98, 155 nos. of thelas , 125 of sewing machines, 68 nos. of knitting machines 250 pairs of handlooms and as many yarns   80 pairs of muga, 4 nos. pf power tillers with a 100% achievement wer distributed. During 98-99 financial year  7 nos. of power tillers , 400 pairs of handlooms, 620 units of yarns, 40 units of Muga, 55 nos. of sewing machines , another 440 units of yarns were distributed to as many nos. of poor families as a logistic support for upliftment of their living standard. During the same year Rs. 22.10 lakh were spent for construction of school building under Traibal Sub Plans. Under Family Oriented Income generating Scheme during the last four years  100% progress were achieved through which 720 beneficiaries were given industrial loan under various categories of schemes involving an amount of Rs.36.00 lakh.

Sub Divisional Welfare, North Lakhimpur:

                        This office headed by an officer of ACS cadre known as SDWO. This office deals with welfare works likes scholar ship, providing of kinds like handlooms , yarns , thelas, knitting machines, etc. for financial upliftment of families under poverty lines. This department deals with the classes belonging to SC, OBC ,MOBCs and Tea Tribes.


Sub Divisional Welfare, dhakuakhana:

 This office being separately set for each sub division, the Dhakuakhana Office looked  after by a separate officer.



            There are three Heads of School Department namely 1) Inspector of Schools, 2)District Elementary Education Officer, 3) D.I. of Schools. Further there is an Adult Education Officer for adult education projects. Under Inspector of Schools, there are 24 nos. of provincialized  Higher secondary schools, 125 nos. of provincialized high schools, 2 nos. of provincialized high madrassas and 160 nos. of ad hock/ recognized high schools. As reported by the Inspector of Schools, Lakhimpur during the last four years they did not take any developmental schemes.

Under DEEO, Lakhimpur there are 309 no.s of ME Schools, 56 nos. of MV schools, 14 nos. ME Madrassas, 1383 nos. of LP Schools, 172 nos. of  recognized Middle Schools, 32 nos. permitted middle schools, 220 nos. of non permitted middle schools. DEEO awarded  financial aids for sanitary facilities and girls’ common room to 53 nos. of schools under North Lakhimpur and Dhakuakhana Sub Divisions. The said grants for the year 96-97 but allotment was received only in 99-2000 and disbursed. DEEO also distributed mid day meal to the primary schools year wise as follows:


                         The Sericulture Department is responsible for promotion of Eri, Muga and culture Mulberry   under different schemes.  They also maintains various farms and centres such as Eri Concentration Centre, Muga Food Plantation Centre, Collective Mulberry Garden.












The Dist. Sports Officer is responsible for organising Sports competitions, giving sports training and distributing  free sports goods.

A.      Sports Training:

B.      Supply of sports goods to Schools, Sports Clubs and Sanghas: