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Lakhimpur :Assam

updated as on 27-05-2009

Staff  pattern
Important Projects Going On
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The Lakhimpur DRDA is a Society registered under Societies Registration Act. XXI of 1860 in the year 1979 and is governed by existing rules and procedures of Govt. of Assam and Govt. of India. Since its establishment the Lakhimpur DRDA has been implementing primarily centrally sponsored  programme meant for rural development.

District  Rural Development Agancy, Lakhimpur covers nine development blocks consisting  of a total  numbers of 81 Gaon Panchayats.

Staff pattern  

Project Director, DRDA is the head of the office and under him there are officers namely Project Officer, Executive Engineer, Asstt. Project Officer (Monitoring), Asstt. Project Officer (Agri.), Asstt. Project Officer (Credit), Asstt. Project Officer (Veterinary), Asstt. Project Officer (Technical), Junior Engineer. The officers look after the various cells pertaining to their department. All the officers are deputed to DRDA from the various Govt. line departments.


DRDA,Lakhimpur  is mainly  concerned  with the development of rural masses through various poverty alleviation programmes viz. JGSY, EAS, IAY, SGSY, Credit Cum Subsidy and erstwhile IRDP, TRYSEM, DWCRA, GKY, SITRA, MWS etc. Besides these, recently DRDA, Lakhimpur has  contemplated to undertake two big  projects wasteland  development project and   Innovative   Programme on Sericulture.

Important projects going on 

National Rural Road Programme


Project Golden Thread (Sonalisuta Prokalpa)

Integrated Wasteland Development Project

Other routine programmes in the district   back to top
IRDP(Integrated Rural Development P
TRYSEM(Training for Rural Youth for Self Employment)
DWCRA(Development of Women and Children in Rural Area)

CCS( Credit cum subsidy)
OBB( Operation Black Board)
GKY(Gonga Kalyan Yojana)
JRY(Jawahar Rojgar Yojana)
MWS(Million Well Scheme)
IAY(Indira Awas Yojana)
EAS(Employment Assurance Scheme)
SGSY(Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana)

NREGA REPORT as on 27-05-2009

Important projects presently taken up by DRDA ,Lakhimpur

National Rural Road Programme :   

Proposals &  Project reports of  Rural Roads under this programme were prepared and already submitted to the Govt. But , the fund has not yet been received .

PMGY :   

Project areas under nine Development Blocks were surveyed out and 10 (ten) nos of proposals  for construction of rural housing in clusters were prepared

and submitted to the Govt. for sanction / release of fund.

Project Golden Thread ( Sonalisuta Prokalpa)   

This 3 years
Project involving Rs. 305.81 Lakh  was   inaugurated by laying foundation stone for the Market yard cum Marketing centre at Lakhimpur Development Block office campus on 26th Sep’2000. As per the action plan of the project 363 Nos of  Swarojgaries have been identified and 47 nos of SHG have been formed under different project component. The SHG have surveyed out in collaboration with the Dist. Sericulture Deptt. and 363 acres areas have been identified for plantation of Muga food plants under 6 ( six) development block of the district. Revolving fund @ Rs 5000/- to each of 36 SHGs under different development block areas has been released and they have started activities . Raising of seedlings for Muga food plants was developed and plantation of som seedling was being done in the project areas. The construction of Market yard cum training center and yarn bank in the premises of Lakhimpur Development Block has been completed also the construction of other community reeling and spinning center / seed production center is being taken up.   Also , steps are being taken to implement the project as per the instructions / Guidelines received from the Govt. from time to time.

Integrated Wasteland Development Project :

The Dhal-Ghagar Integrated Wasteland Development Project involving Rs. 360.00 Lakhs has been taken up for implementation within 5 years by this DRDA. Govt. has already released    Rs. 90.00 Lakhs for the first year. The Watershed Advisory Committee appointed the Project Implementing Agency (PIA) and Watershed Dev. Teams have been formed. The socio economic survey and detail engineering survey have been completed   by the PIAs viz. DFO (Social Forestry), Lakhimpur and D.O., Soil Conservation, Lakhimpur respectively. The awareness programme including training cum exhibition has been arranged by the Watershed Dev. Teams. The formation of SHGs are being going on and other activities like plantation , construction of fishery tank , raised platform etc. alongwith some entry point activities have been taken up.

Progress of some of the regular programs of  DRDA Lakhimpur


             During  the   last 4 years   5223 nos of beneficiaries were assisted  under  IRDP  involving  998  nos of  SC , 1850   nos of ST  beneficiaries . Main                schemes were Piggery, Grocery, Fishery, Horticulture,Dairy   etc Under IRDP infrastructure  programmes 34 Nos of projects under different schemes                including horticulture were implemented  in various development block areas of the District. A good nos. of rural youths  have been benefited  with such                schemes. Further, during the year 96-97 and 97-98 48 nos. power tillers were supplied from the P & RD Deptt., which were  distributed to the  Dev.                Blocks for use by the rural farmers. Besides these  60 nos. power tillers were distributed to the   flood affected gaon panchayats of the district from                Chief Minister’s Relief fund during 98-99. Further, 1500 nos. of hand looms sets were distributed to the flood affected families for self employment                ventures under IRDP Infrastructure Programme.


                A  total nos of  718 nos of rural youth were trained up under TRYSEM  in different trades during the last 4 years and most of the trained youth  were             self employed under erstwhile IRDP.

Under this programme , a total no of  286 Rural women groups were formed under DWCRA during the   years 1996-97 to 1998-99 in weaving, piggery , goatery ,duckery etc., and altogether 4290 nos  of  rural women were benefitted under the programme

In  different   rural areas of the blocks of the district   altogether  1796  Nos  of rural artisans  were assisted  providing improved tool kits to them under this programme.

Credit cum Subsidy  
Altogether  81 Nos of persons have been provided  subsidy under this programme for construction  of dwelling houses in the block areas of the district.  

Under this programme 30 nos. of LP school buildings were constructed in different development block areas of the district.

Under  this programme  200 nos of  STWs were  installed in different rural areas of the Dist, and 150 nos of pump sets were also distributed thereby creating irrigation facilities to the rural farmers particularly SC/ST community of the district.

During the last 4 years 485 Nos rural roads, 255 nos of school buildings , 55 nos of   rest shed   , 45 nos  of  community hall , 140. Nos  bundh  and  315  Nos of other  schemes were  completed, which have created  basic rural infrastructure  for the people living in rural areas. With effect from April’1999 JGSY was implemented  replacing erstwhile JRY. Under JGSY 956 nos of schemes were completed   giving benefits to the rural people under different community based and individual beneficiary schemes.

Under this programme 280 nos of  bundh  , 320 nos channel cutting  , 42 nos of  irrigation wells   &  210 Nos of  other  schemes  were completed  in different  block areas of the district.

A  total   5329 nos  of  dwelling  houses  were  constructed   under  IAY  in  different  block  areas  of the  District  involving  3138 nos  of  SC and ST beneficiaries  during  last  4 years.

Under  EAS    a  total  310 Nos  of  rural roads  , 230.nos of LP school building , 110   Nos of  community hall , 195. nos of protection/ anti erosion  work, 108.  Nos of  Agricultural/irrigation based schemes , 70. nos  Raised  plateform ,93   Nos  Channel  cutting  , 42 Nos  of    others  building/schemes  were completed during  last 4 years in different  development block areas of the district.

This  programme   has been  launched  in the district with effect from April ’99 having  merged   erstwhile  IRDP, TRYSEM ,DWCRA ,SITRA,GKY,MWS , and altogether   48 nos of  Self Help Groups were formed and 30 Nos of groups involving 450 swarojgaries and 179 nos. of Individual Swarojgaries have been provided subsidy under this programme. Further, 300 rural youths were provided training for taking up self employment activities under SGSY during 99-2000.








For details  please contact ,  Project Director,   DRDA, Lakhimpur,Assam,787001,IND Phone: 03752-22661/22178. Fax :  03752-22661.
E-mail : drdalmp@gw1.vsnl.net.in