Disaster Management Action Plan



Although occurrence of an earthquake cannot be predicted precisely in terms of time or place, yet the seismic zone are very  well drawn and  careful planning design and  appropriate measure can minimize the damaging effects. Earthquake is an unavoidable unpredictable infrequent phenomenon. So far seismic zone have been earmarked by different scientists and Assam is within the most vulnerable “Zone-V” and in 1950 Lakhimpur had a worst experience of earthquake and its after effects. Under the Govt. of Assam-UNDP Disaster Risk Management programme Lakhimpur,  District administration initiated the process of handling of natural calamities and  disaster by constituting various committees in different levels. In the district level, District Disaster Management Committee is being constituted under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner and  the District Nodal Officer is being nominated for the said programme.  In the block H.Q. Block level disaster management committee is being set up in the 9 development Blocks and  the said committee is responsible for development of Block disaster management plan for efficiently handling natural calamities and  disaster.  For Gaon panchayat level 81 GP in the Lakhimpur district has constituted its Gaon Panchayat Disaster management committee and in the process of development of Gaon Panchayat Disaster Management plan. This committee is being supported by respective Block offices in their area of jurisdiction.  In village level, the village headman (Gaon-bura) are being instructed to initiate the process of constituting the village level committees and  they are supported by the PRI’s members and  NGO’s volunteers in the development of Community contingency plan.
                    In the district H.Q, specialized team such as Warning group, Search and  rescue, First Aid and  Medical, Shelter management, Water and  Sanitation, carcass disposal, damage assessment, Relief and  coordination and  Patrolling group are being constituted as per guidelines, which is under process. All the line departments are requested for nomination of their responsible officers for formation of said group in the district level.

        Key line departments such as police, fire services, medical, district home guard commandant are already nominated their officers in the district level for the  Search and  Rescue team, First Aid and  medical and  Trauma counseling. In the district level awareness committee is already being constituted comprising of DIPRO, Inspector of School, DEEO, DI of school, District Adult Education Officer, District Sports Officer. The awareness drive is being organized at various level through out the district on safety tips on Do’s and  Don’t on earthquake and  other natural calamities through distribution of leaflets, rally, essay and  painting competition and  street plays.  District Level Hazard Safety Cell ( Technical committee) is being set up. The PWD(bldg), PWD(Road), Executive Engineers   PHE, IRRIGATION, DRDA, Dy Director, Town and  country planning , Executive Engineer,  Water Resources are the members in the said committees  and  PWDE (roads) will lead the committee.  

             All members in this committee’s are requested for the survey of vulnerability of assessment of building, structures/infrastructure, lifelines, economy and  people is to be undertaken at their area of jurisdiction in the district. They are also requested for organized the masonry training on earthquake building design, retrofitting of design and structural safety.

All the line departments are requested for development of Emergency Support Function (ESF) 7 preparation of contingency plan of impending earthquake. This plan will identify the roles of various line departments in a crisis/disaster and  the concerned department will constitute teams of minimue3 officers and  identify resources in advanced to discharge its emergency support functions to supplement the efforts of District Administration. 

District level Teachers training on disaster management is being organized in the NL Govt. H.S. school and Inspector of school, DI of school are requested for organizing such workshop for teachers in the different level and  to make aware of different hazards and  development of school curriculum, which may suggestion to the Govt. of Assam in inclusion of disaster management curriculum in the pre school syllabus. its also given due instruction for preparation school contingency plan for natural disaster.

            District Fire service and  District Home Guard Commandant offices are organizing necessary mock drill demonstration at the public places, which are vulnerable to natural disaster, such as earthquake and  also imparting training for constitution of search and  rescue team at the grass root level and  imparting training to the volunteer’s for rescue operation at the time of disaster.

District level first aid training s being organized jointly with medical department, where training is given to the NGO’s volunteers.  The ULB in the district such as Lakhimpur Municipal Board and  development authority are requested to constitute disaster management committee in their offices and  asked to prepare the viable plan for dealing with such disaster and   awareness drive is being organized.

 Detailed report on observance of Disaster Reduction Awareness week from ( 8th –21st jan, 05 ) in the Lakhimpur District.


District H.Q.- Inauguration of disaster reduction awareness week at the district H.Q. as on 8th jan,05 in the conference hall of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, a meeting is being convened inviting all the departmental heads, BDO’s, Circle officer’s, NGO’s, paramilitary forces 7 representative of local urban bodies.

         The meeting is presided by the District Nodal officer, Shri U.K. Baruah and officially launched the Awareness week in the District by the Addl. Deputy commissioner, Shri. G.  Pegu, Nodal officer read out the detailed the programme agenda received from Addl. C.S(No.RGR.249/2004/12 DTD 6th jan05).  Its hereby request all the departments concerned for their full participation in the awareness week by the District Nodal officer, Disaster Management. DPO, Disaster Management elaborately delivered the speech of the   importance of the disaster preparedness at the district level for handling the natural calamities. And also request for preparation contingency plan by the department for impending earthquake.  Leaflets on do’s and  don’ts of earthquake safety is being distributed to the govt. official and  general public for awareness.

Sub-Divisional H.Q.- At Dhakuakhana subdivision is hereby informed through our W.T message- LRR6/NC/2003-04/247 dtd.6/01/05 for  observing the disaster reduction awareness week in the sub divisional level inviting sub-divisional and  subordinate level official and  including NGO’s.

Block H.Q- All the 9 development blocks in the district hereby observed the awareness week in their Block H.Q. through sensitization meeting and  training programme on disaster management inviting their Block level Disaster management committee members and  NGO’s / CBO’s .( W.T. message no-LRR6/NC/03-04/248 dtd6/01/05 for take up necessary action at the Block H.Q being further instructed from District H.Q)

Circle H.Q.- All 7 Circle H.Qs being informed from the district H.Q. to observed the Disaster Reduction awareness week as per specified instruction received and  request for observing the same is being instructed. (W.T. message noLRR6/NC/2003-04/249 dtd 6/01/05 for taking necessary at the circle H.Q.)

In the local cable T.V.(Mega zoom) documentary on Earthquake and  safety tips on do’s and  don’t on Earthquake is being displayed for public awareness.


Teacher’s sensitization meeting-


A sensitization meeting cum workshop for the teachers is being organized jointly by the District administration and  Education department, Lakhimpur on 10th jan,05  on Disaster preparedness. The resource person from N. L. Govt. College , Prof S. Chetia, from education department, Shri R. Chutia and  Principal, N.L.Govt. H.S. school  were delivered the speech. Teachers from various school were attended in the workshop. Resource person emphasized the importance of such workshop for the teacher for better preparedness at school level.

Meeting with Technical officers-

A special sensitization meeting is being convened at the PWD (bldg) department on 11/01/05. Technical officers from the departments, contractors are invited in the meeting And the meeting was presided by the Executive Engineer, PWD (bldg) and  being head of the Hazard Safety Cell, rightly mentioned about of the role of department has to take up. Meeting cum training on First Aid and medical matters (Health related officers and  NGO’s)-

A workshop on health matters is being organized in the Nursing Training center, Chaboti on the topic on First Aid and  medical matter at the time of emergency where about nearly 100 participants from various NGO’s were participated in the training pogramme.  

 Mock Drill on Rescue operation at the time of Disaster-

The District Fire service department demonstrated the mock drill in the parade ground on 26th jan,05 in Republic Day celebration  on the Rescue operation.