The Deputy Commissioner is the District Magistrate of the District.  He is the administrative head of the district  and looks after the administration of the  entire district  including the outlying subdivisions of the district. In discharging his multifarious duties , he is assisted by Additional Deputy Commissioners, SDO(S), SDO(Cvil) , EACs, Election Officer, Circle Ofices and other officers of the line departments .

Lakhimpur district  of Assam State, INDIA

Sri Debeswar Malakar, IAS 
Deputy Commissioner

Other offices under District Magistrate
Election Office
Treasury Office
Circle Offices
Mahakuma Parishad
District Info and Public Relations
Office of the Sub registrar
Office of the Supdt. of Excise
Office of the Suptd. of Food and Civil Supplies
Zila Sainik Board

  • Administrative Branch:       [back to top]
              This branch deals with works pertaining to
     a) Cinema,Loud-Speaker,Cable TV ,Video, and other cinematographic items etc.
    b) Arms and explosives etc.
    c) Issue of passport, Citizenship etc.
    d) Matters relating to Jail and Publicity and Public relations etc.
    e) Matters Relating to administrative reforms .
    f) Census operation
    g) Matters relating to Hotels, Dharmasala , Rest House etc.
    h) Record room including forms and stationeries .
                  The branch is under ADC (General) and one EAC/SDO is the branch officer.

      The branch deals with the works under “ The Civil Defence Act., 1968” and the Civil Defence regulation , 1968 and all other matters relating to civil defence. The branch is under ADC(general) and the works are looked after by one EAC and branch officer.
       The branch deals with the confidential matters like annual confidential reports of officers and the other confidential matters pertaining to any department . The branch is directly look after by the DC himself through two assistants.
        The branch is headed by One ADC ( Development) and One EAC / SDO helps him in disposal   of the matters. The branch deals with the works of the development departments like –

  •   Agriculture
  • Co-operation
  • Education
  • Flood control or E&D
  • Forest including Social forestry
  • Health and Family welfare department
  • Industries Department
  • Irrigation including minor irrigation
  • Labour Department
  • Banks and Financial Institution
  • Municipalities 
  • Panchayat  and rural development
  • Planning and Development Department
  • Power(electricity) mines and minerals
  • Public works department
  • Public health Department
  • Sericulture and Handloom Department
  • Soil and Conservation
  • Town and country planning  ,Municipalities and town committees
  • Transport, tourism and sports department
  • Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department 
  • Fishery Department
  • Social Welfare  Department
  • Welfare for plain tribes  and Backward classes  Department . Works done by S.D.W.O.
  • Neheru Yuvak Kandra , I.T.I. cultural Department works.
  • Matters relating to NCC , Museums and Archaeology

      The branch is looked after  by the Election Officer as branch officer and Deputy Commissioner as the District Election Officer in the District HeadQuarter and SDO(Civil) in outlying  Sub-divisions . The branch is responsible for revision   electoral  role , issue of identity cards to voters , deletion of names of foreigners from the electoral rule, updating of electoral rule . The branch is also responsible for implementation of provisions relating to conduct of election as contained in the constitution of India and rules and orders under the constitution of India Relating to elections , certain Acts.   of parliamentary statutory rules and orders and laws relating to removal of disqualification.
   The branch is also responsible for

  • proper maintenance and storage of ballot boxes , furniture , electoral rules etc. in the godowns of the branch

  • for all matters of accounts pertaining to conduct of election , revision , Photo Identity Card etc

      The excise branch is headed by the Superintendent of Excise and he has several inspectors. The branch has the following sections :

  •   Licensing and prosecution

  •  Personnel

  • Accounts         

        The licensing and prosecution section gives licenses  to the public liquor , shops , mahals etc. under different Acts   and the prosecution section prosecutes for preparing selling and transporting dangerous psychotropic substances. The personal section deals with the matters relating to inspectors and the other staff and the accounts section prepares bills etc. for  the staff.      

        The magisterial branch deals with
                             a) Procedures for initiating and conducting prosecution
                             b) Appointment of Govt. pleaders , public prosecutors  and assistant public prosecutors and matters relating thereto
                             c) Advice on legal matters
                             d) Conduct of Govt. Cases in various courts
                             e) Administration of Different Acts and rules under

             i)      Code of criminal procedure
ii)      Public Order Acts.
iii)     Disturb Areas Acts.
iv)    Games and Betting Acts
v)      Unlawful Activities  Acts etc.

Besides it also deals with the following :

  •   Matters relating to law and order
  •   Black listing of firms and contactors
  •   Requisition of Vehicles
  •   Appointments of petition writers
  •    Reports and Returns to High Courts
  •    Post mortems
  •     Crime detection  and punishment of offenders
  •   Matters relating to raising and maintenance of police force .
  •   Haj , pilgrimage etc.
  •   Fire service organization
  •   Matters relating to Assam Police Manual
  •    Verification of character and antecedents
  •   Complaints against police in action and co-operation
  •   Tour programme and tour diaries of police officers

     The branch is dealt SDO/EAC as branch officer who puts up cases to district magistrate through Addl. District Magistrate.

The sub divisional officer (Sadar) looks after the Nazarat branch as Nazarat officer . The branch has the following sections :

                     a)Nazarat Section
                     b)Bakijai Section
 Then main businesses of the Nazarat  Branch are :

  • Maintenance of cleanliness of the buildings under the DeputyCommissioner
  • Office accommodation
  • Purchase of stationeries and miscellaneous articles including furniture,      liveries, etc. and their proper distribution.
  • Arrangement of meetings , conferences and refreshments etc.
  • Running of Circuit House, Dak Banglows etc.
  •   National Anthem , National Flags and warrant of precedence.
  • Ceremonial functions including Independence day,Republic Day,Vijay Divas etc.
  • Protocol functions
  • Burial , cremation of paupers.
  • Telegraphs , telephones etc.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of govt. vehicles
  • Holidays

                   The Bakijai Section deals with the administration of Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act. Rules under chapter V of the Assam Land and Revenue Regulation 1886, relating to arrears and mode of recovery. The works of this section has been divided among all the EACs equally.

The branch consists of the following sections –
a)      The personnel Section
b)      Bill & Accounts Section
The personal Section performs the following works :

  • Appointment , release , conduct, discipline and other general conditions of Government servants.
  • Administration of the Assam Ministerial (Dis. Establishment) service Rules,1967.
  • Advertisement and Application fee for different posts etc.
  • Transfer of government servents including servants on deputation
  • General conditions of service including fixation of seniority and preparation of gradation list.
  • Probation
  • Matters relating to APSC including departmental examination , survey and other retirement .
  • Age of retirement /superannuating and preparation odf records thereof.
  • Re-employment after superannuating  under Government.
  • General conduct and discipline – Administration of the Assam Public Service conduct Rules etc.
  • Assets and liabilities of Govt. officers
  • Annual confidential reports of staff.
  • Re-employment after superannuating  under Government.  General conduct and discipline – Administration of the Assam Public Service conduct Rules etc.
  • Assets and liabilities of Govt. officers
  • Annual confidential reports of staff.
  •   Departmental proceedings and prosecution – Administration  of Assam Service (Discipline and Appeal Rules-1964)
  • Representation  on service matters and redress in courts of law .
  • Matters relating to Assam Administrative Tribunal
  • Departmental training
  • Service conditions which are of the nature concessions to Govt. servants including maintenance of rosters for S/C , S./T and OBC etc.
  • Advances provident fund ,pension , gratuity and other miscellaneous privilege of Govt. servants.
  • Refund, write off and misappropriation
  • Appeals and memorials
  • Association of Govt. employees.
  • Service books of staff 
  • Absorption on retrencement of temporary personnel
  • Investiture on revenue , bakijai and magisterial power on officers
  • Matters relating to
    • Manual of Executive rules  and others
    • Hand books of circulars withsupplements
    • F.R. & S.R.
    • Pension rules 1969
    • Delegation of Financial power Rules1960
    • Assam Financial Rules 
    • Contingency  Manual
    • Employment Exchange , Act. 1959 and rules of 1960.
    •   Assam S/C & S/T (Reservation of Vacancies in services and post) Act. 1978

  Branch officer of this branch is the   Sub-Registrar . He is responsible for Administration  of

  • The Indian Registration Act , XVI of 1908.

  • The Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act. , 1935.

  • The Kazziz Act. 1880

  • The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 .

  • The Hindu Marriage (Assam) Rules ,1961 .

  • The Special Marriage Act., 1954. 6)

  • The Special Marriage (Assam) Rules, 1957

The revenue branch is dealt with by the Addl. DC (Revenue ) and one EAC. The branch consists of the following sections:

  • Land Revenue Section

  • Land Requisition and Acquisition Section

  • Land Settlement Section

  • Land Reforms Sections

  • Relief and Rehabilitation  Section

  • Gaon Burha Section .

The Land Revenue Section Deals the matters relating to :

  • Collection of Land Revenue and Local rate including their remission .

  •   Matters relating to establishment of Mauzadars .

  • Creating of circles , sub-circles ,mandal lots , Mauza and Gaon burhas lots

  • Matters relating to circle officers especially their tour dairies  

  • Construction of Court Building , Circle Offices etc.

  • Matters relating to various revenue regulations , acts, rules etc. not allotted to other sections .

  • Annulment  of settlement .

  • Assessment and collection of revenue for wasteland and grants

  • Matters relating to Director  of Land Records & Surveys

  • Administration of Land   Records Manuals .

  • Correction of records of right and maintenance of Jamabandi .

  • Administration of Assam Land and Revenue Regulation ( matters relating to recovery of arrears)

         Exercises  powers and functions of  collector under the provisions of different land Acquisition Acts and Rules.At present this section is involved in preparation of L.A papers of Lilabari Air Port Extension and other important L.A. cases. Besides , the section acquires land for embankment ,dikes etc. as well as acquisition cases involving acquisition of land for P.W.D. and other departments.
Deals with the matters
  • Land settlement policy
  • Survey and demarcation of Assam –Meghalaya, Assam- Arunachal and Assam-Bhutan  Boundaries
  • Matters relating to Land Advisory Committee
  • Settlement of land including settlement with service and ex-service personnel for co-operative farming
  • Conversion of annual patta/short lease land into periodic patta in town and within 3kms of town.
  • Removal of encroachment of Government land.
  • Transfer of Sarkari land under land transfer rules.
  • Resettlement operation
  • Mining and prospection lease
  • Revenue appeals including partition , mutation a appeals.
  • Mining and prospecting lease
  • Reclamation of cultivable waste land

The section is responsible for

  • Management of land belonging to religious institution .

  • Administration of the

  • Adhiar protection Act.

  • Zamindari Act.

  • Non-agril. Urban areas tenancy Act.

  • Fixation of ceiling on land holding Act.

  • Acquisition of land belonging to religious or charitable institutions

  • Consolidation of land holding Act.

  • Assam Gramdan Act.

  • Assam Bhudan Act.

  • Urban areas rent control Act.

  • Temporarily Settled Areas Tenancy Act.

  • Urban Land (ceiling and regulation ) Act.

  • Wakf Acts.          and other such Acts.
            The branch is also responsible for granting of  lease/renewal of lease of ceiling surplus land in ten gardens and in acquisition estates.
     Preparation of planned schemes namely

  •    State plan schemes

  •   Consolidation of  holdings and centrally sponsored schemes

Examination of various reforms measures suggested by Govt. and their implementation

Section looks after the following :-

  •      Preparation of contingency plan for flood/earthquake and other possible disasters like fire ,drought etc.

  •      Holding of meetings with Govt. Departments periodically

  •      Distribution of relief ,ex-gration etc. to victims and their families

  •      Maintenance of refugee/relief camps and grant of financial and medical relief.

  •      Rehabilitation Schemes to the settled displaced persons.

  •      Rehabilitation Schemes to the settled displaced people

  •      Administration of Assam relief manual,1976

  •      Administration of other relevant acts.

  The branch affairs are run by the Supdt. Of Food & Civil Supplies with the help of Several Inspectors of F & Cs . The Branch has following sections –

  •       Licencing  and Prosecution

  •      Personnel

  •      Accounts

   The branch deals with administration of following:

  • Essential Commodities Act.

  • Prevention of Black marketing and maintenance of supplies of essential commodities act. And various acts pertaining to

  • Wheat and Wheat products

  • Pulses oils etc.

  • Cement

  • Sugar

  • Food stuff

  • Paper

  • Petroleum and petroleum products.

  • Rice and Paddy

  • Salt and

  • Textiles

  The treasury branch is looked after by the Treasury Officer. This branch is responsible for administration of  -

  •      The Treasury Rules and the Subsidiary orders.

  • Personal matters of staff belonging to the Assam Financial Service and other Treasury Staff.

  The branch is looked after by one EAC. The branch deals with-

  •   Welfare measures , resettlement, rehabilitation  and all other matters concerning the ex-servicemen , families of serving and deceased  soldiers.

  • Assistance in representing their cases to the local administration

  • Legal advice and settlement of disputes out of court, where no male member in a family of such person

  • Help to such personnel in matters of securing medals/stars , pension , gratuity , settlement of arrears.

  • Assistance to disabled soldiers, widows and orphans

  • Investigation of applications for financial assistance .

  • Liaison with local Civil & Military authorities

  • Promotion of feeling of good-will between civil & military classes

  • Liaison with civil authorities peculiar of  interest of military classes.

  • Control of local funds, if any . for helping the needy and deserving personnel

  • Advice on all matters , Civil ,& military, concerning their welfare , interests, resettlement , rehabilitation and all other matters.

  • Assistance in recruitment to defence service

  • Cooperation of defence personnel with implementation of Govt.  schemes